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  memorabilia & viscom solutions

Nostalzia - Fond memories Forever” - a subsidiary of Ressourzen will develop, set up a state of the art studio putting together cutting edge technology in the field of photography, digital movie making, sound mixing, sound engineering etc. & provide the same to educational institutions & enterprises for training & skilling of its students, staff, administrators, employees, owners & promoters.

Students & employees can get trained & acquire skills for developing a story board idea, speech writing, story & screen play writing, editing, direction, short film making, advertising, visual communication, mass communication, designing & delivering of relevant social messages, theater & acting skills, public speaking & oratory skills, play writing & production skills etc. These courses will be conducted by famous personalities in their respective fields.

Students & employees can also get trained to be a qualified editor, director, Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, Television Presenter, being Master of Ceremonies at functions - public shows or be a Public Speaker.

Students & employees aspiring to learn the above mentioned skills can enroll with ; Nostalzia to acquire these relevant skills in the areas they want to learn, thru their respective educational institutions or enterprises. These programs & courses will also be available to students, employees, children, mothers, housewives, men and women & to public at large thru Nostalzia, fine arts learning academy located in your city.

Students who have enrolled for their chosen program thru their institution will then get an opportunity to learn how to conceptualise, develop, produce, execute & digitize the entire institution’s proceeding right round the year during all its important functions & also get to record proceedings in the class room, in the school bus, play ground, school canteen, corridors, Morning Prayer time, PT period & use the content to develop Nostalzia products for each student by making use of the recorded content available & mixing it with sound, music, animation & voice overs etc.

The celebration days may be the first day school opening, school closing day, founders day, morning prayer, PT period, lunch time, school canteen, corridor, sports day, annual day celebration, excursions, festival celebrations etc.

At the end of the year, these enrolled students will develop memory products for each of the student based on the digital content available for each student. They will put up a collage of memory moments for each of the student that is available and this final product will be given up for sale to parents of these students.

The contribution from the same can be used by the school for its development purpose

The above resource will also be provided to people working in companies as well as to public at large as a retail initiative under ; Nostalzia so that these products can be developed at homes as well as in offices

This initiative brings together a very unique skill development program for students in schools & colleges & for public at large who can now use the medium of visual communication to express themselves at home, offices, social gathering and social functions or even at public functions right across the year

Viscom & Mass Communication Studio & Event Management solutions: A skill based program offered especially for educational institutions & corporate companies.

Ressourzen under its premium brand initiative Nostalzia – brings various courses & programmes to educational institutions under a unique revenue share model.

Nostalzia”– memorabilia & visual communication solutions especially offered to all Schools, colleges & universities at their premises

  Sound engineering studio

  Cameras & digital video recorders

  Photography & photo shoots

  Sound mixing

  Film editing 

  Screen play & copy writing

  Story writing for play & movies

  Short movie making & film / movie shoots

  Event planning & management

  Coaching students & employees to plan, organise, execute celebration of festivals, cultural events, annual day, founders day & celebrate all national functions in enterprise & educational institutions without any external help including shooting of films to sound mixing & sound engineering to photography & album making all done by the students & employees themselves brought to you for first time in India under “ Nostalzia - Fond memories Forever” concept, a premium brand initiative of Ressourzen

  Training for public speaking skills, presentation, being a radio jockey, video jockey, television presenter in association with reputed institutions & companies & awarding of participation, proficiency & diploma certificates to participants, brought to you for first time in India under “ Nostalzia - Fond memories Forever” concept, a premium brand initiative of Ressourzen

  An entire range of memorabilia products like cups, mugs, T-Shirts, track suits, blazers, coats, sweat shirts etc. with photos celebrating the occasion printed on them brought to you for the first time in India under “ Nostalzia - Fond memories Forever” concept, a premium brand initiative of Ressourzen all made by students & company employees themselves

All the various products & services, courses & programmes brought to you by Ressourzen under its premium brand initiative “ Nostalzia - Fond memories Forever”; will be offered to all educational institutions under a very unique revenue share model. For more details please visit www.nostalzia.in