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It takes Gutz to taste Glory.

Gutz N Glory - Discover the Real You” - A subsidiary of Ressourzen undertakes this novel & innovative initiative wherein various forms of adventure sports will be offered for students in schools, colleges & universities to take up varied adventure sports & skill themselves from a participant level to being a specialist.

These programs will be offered to students in schools, colleges & universities. It will also be offered to corporate houses & companies. It will also be offered to people loving adventure sports at large thru our retail initiative Gutz N Glory.

Under this initiative – Ressourzen will tie up with various National & International government agencies to take their respective adventure sports to students, adults & to public at large, give them an opportunity to not only take up the adventure sports of their liking to a higher lever but at the end of the program, take them up the various degree of skill levels available from a participation, to a diploma, a degree to an expert level. Once they are experts at it, Gutz N Glory will also give them an opportunity to make a earning/living out of the hobby they have chosen to make it a part of better part of their life.

Ressourzen will tie up with various government regulatory bodies to offer degrees right from a participation certificate to a diploma, degree & a master certified program making its practitioner certified & nationally accredited specialist in their chosen fields of sport.

These trained experts will then join hands with Gutz N Glory & in turn train others who wants to take up learning of various adventure sports seriously. It will also create various opportunities amongst its learners to take up sports for a living seriously & provide an opportunity for these trained sports men to represent the country & win laurel for self & country in the long run.

Gutz N Glory believes that such an initiative will not only raise the awareness levels & importance of being healthy amongst its people, but will contribute significantly in building a strong & healthy nation in the long run.

Exclusive skill based adventure sports to be offered under this initiative are: Paragliding, Para Jumping, Para sailing, rappelling, cycling, ultra-light aircraft flying, rock climbing, mountaineering, trekking, forest camping in Himalayas & western Ghats, adventure camps, desert safari, nature conservation, motor cycle expedition in Himalayas, mountain biking, white water river rafting, canyoning, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming in river,  deep sea diving, nature camps, forest & eco preservation, catching the snake, nature conservation, wild life photography, living with the wild, exposure to agriculture – living in villages & authentic rural lifestyle & commando training by Ex defense forces employees are some of the programs that Gutz N Glory will offer amongst others. As the initiative keeps growing, other adventure sports will be added to this growing list to make Our India a Healthy & Strong nation. All these programs & courses will earn its participants based on the skill level acquired a participation certificate, to a diploma, a degree certificate to a specialist certificate from recogonised national & international institutions. Making Gutz N Glory a very unique & one of a kind skill development, programme for schools, colleges, universities, companies, for public at large & fun loving adults all available thru Ressourzen’s branded education, corporate & retail initiative. 

The entire course offering are geared to build personality, skills, attitude & character of the participants. A very unique skill development program for school & college students, for adventure loving adults & public at large.

Under this initiative we will also let enrolled participant undertake - outward bound learning programme - wherein situation will be created to see how a ward responds to situations & dangers unknown to them & how they react & make choices under stress to see what character the student exhibits & assess his/her leadership qualities

Psychometric testing, personality assessment test & physical challenges will be carried out to analyse the character of each of the participant & thereby help the participant to understand self & the impact their behaviour has on other members of this team & thereby help the participants to understand themselves better, help them crack their DNA & facilitate making them comfortable with what they are & suggest personality & behavioural changes wherever required. Gutz N Glory combines real time adventure, real life experiences & real time adventure based learning to help participants understand themselves better under this initiative

These programmes may be used by corporates to recogonise & reward its employees as well as use these tools to identify future leaders for top positions etc.
The entire range of adventure sports training programme & sports curriculum will be offered to educational institutions under a unique revenue share model brought to it by Ressourzen under its premium brand initiative Gutz N Glory

Gutz N Glory”- adventure sports training & coaching solutions is especially offered to all Schools, colleges & universities at their premises & at various other locations worldwide

  Learning thru participating & playing adventure sports come to India for the first time - brought to you by Ressourzen under its premium brand initiative “Gutz N Glory - Discover the Real You” concept.

  Gutz N Glory - Discover the Real You - will take you to all the adventure location worldwide where adventure sports are played & the participants gets to not only play the adventure sports of his or her interest over a period of time leading to a certificate, diploma or a degree which has international or national recognition but also get to learn from the sports he/she plays & discover many of his/her hidden facets that he/she already has but does not know about it thereby realising the limitless potential each individual already has to succeed in Life.

  Various adventure sports offered under this experiential learning module are  mountaineering, trekking, forest trails, forest camping, deep sea diving, scuba diving, visit to wild life sanctuary, survival techniques in forest & in desert, desert  safari, desert war fare, commando training, paragliding, para sailing, para jumping, skiing, white water river rafting, trips to national forest, speed racing in land & in water, bike & car Racing in sport track, swimming in river & in sea, cross country racing in cycle, bikes & cars, cross country running etc.

  Various challenges will be built around each of these chosen sports being played so that the participant is able to understand the importance of leadership, communication, team building, shared responsibility, decision making, crises management, trouble shooting, time management, working in teams, sharing the work load, work allocation, conserving resources, survival techniques, mutual respect, friendship, sharing, pride in work & above all learn to respect sports as we respect humans in all ushering in a new paradigm to experiential learning & taking it to a new level. Ressourzen believes that there is no better way to learn than to learn it by experiencing life. These select adventure sports will seek to challenge the participants in a way that seeks to bring out the best in them, make them realise their own hidden potential & leave them with the experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

  The programme will be coordinated by the respective sports specialists. In addition to the sports specialists, there will be a HR intervention specialist or a behavioural expert or a leadership development specialist from corporate companies or from the army & all the learning for the Individual & group will be documented & internalised.

  Gutz N Glory - Discover the Real You” will not take you to fancy destination, fun locations or tourist spots. It is a serious adventure sports initiative that will seek to ensure & deliver experiential learning by playing adventure sports at chosen locations worldwide.

  Tour to all these location where adventure sports are played will be conducted only by our other premium educational tour brand initiative “Edu Tourz” – “Travel Experience Realise”.

  Gutz N Glory - Discover the Real You” as an adventure sports initiative is open to educational institutions, enterprises & to any individual or group of people who want to participate in adventure sports to learn about themselves & discover the hidden facets of their personality.

All the various products & services, courses & programmes brought to you by Ressourzen under its premium brand initiative Gutz N Glory - Discover the Real You; will be offered to all educational institutions under a very unique revenue share model. For more details please visit www.gutznglory.in