Specialised Services
World's first Enterprise & Educational
resources outsourcing consulting Company

eERO world's first Enterprise & Educational resources outsourcing consulting Company. Under this initiative for the first time globally Ressourzen is getting various companies ranging from small to large Private Limited & Public Limited companies & Educational institutions ranging from schools& colleges to universities to come together on a single common platform to aggregate their budgets to buy various core & non-core resources together.

eERO brings in the back end technical expertise & specialist team for each of the sector / category to help design, develop & execute customized solution for each of these companies & educational institutions so that each of Ressourzen customers get to buy the best solution that their money can buy them at the best price / cost.

Under this initiative eERO not only helps develop best customized solutions for its customers but also endeavors to do away with buying from retailers, whole sellers, middle men & commission agents. As the result all resultant savings in cost is passed on back to the various companies & educational institutions that come to work together with Ressourzen - thereby saving them money, year on year every year.

eERO Ressourzen offers - testing, consultancy services, vendor assessment, vendor development & management services,process costing expertise, knowledge sharing & transfer of systems & process knowledge to its customers, quality assurance & certification, aggregation of buying with chosen vendors, resource procurement to installation, order completion, maintenance to after sales service of all resources procuredall with the singular objective & focus of saving substantial cost without ever compromising on Quality to enterprises & educational institutions.

Under eERO initiative Ressourzen promises to deliver the best quality customized solution that the money can buy for each of its companies & educational institutions, by aggregating their budgets to drive efficiencies & effectiveness in its buying process, thru its technically qualified & competent team of experts in various sectors of buying.

eERO uses it domain expertise in product development, sourcing, cutting edge knowledge in developing the best possible solution that the allocated budgets can buy, there by adding value to the company & the institution. eERO offers specialised & customised solutions in 26 different categories.

Now for the first time in the world companies & educational institutions can focus their efforts to develop their main line of business while still coming together with other companies & institutions of similar or different nature to bring in efficiencies in buying the best resource for the lowest costs.

eERO endeavors just to deliver that one promise to all its customers. Making it the first company in the world to enable corporate & the education world to come together under a single platform and buy the best possible quality resources at the lowest possible price.

eERO aspires to be the largest provider of aggregated products & services solutions to educational institutions & corporates thereby making it the only company offering largest range of customised solutions to each company & educational institution.

Stand-alone small companies, large private limited companies, public limited companies, public sector companies, play schools, primary / secondary & senior secondary schools, government aided, private educational institutions, international schools, boarding schools, graduate colleges, engineering colleges, medical colleges, law colleges & other educational institutions, deemed, national & international universities can plug on to the Ressourzen eERO technical expertise to save cost & get access to improved quality year on year, every year.

Please visit www.eeroconsulting.com for those seeking detailed information on products & services offered under eERO initiative by Ressourzen