Specialised Services
  Power of Aggregation

 World’s first Company Resource Procurement Association (CRPA) is a Ressourzen Initiative who’s sole objective is to get companies ranging from the individual owned to large private limited companies to public limited companies to come together to BUY together all the resources they use to run their respective companiesmore efficiently and effectively.

 Ressourzen is creating this platform for various companies to come together under CRPA to buy resources ranging from fabric to uniforms, teachers uniforms, administrative staff uniforms, security uniforms, safety uniforms, mess and hostel uniforms, bags, shoes, paper to note books, stationery, accessories and an entire range of products and services like food and catering services, foreign language coaching and certification, specialised sports training, adventure sports, eco conservation projects, wild life preservation skills, educational tourism, visual communication and mass media products and services, fine arts coaching and test preparation – training and coaching under their own brand name, all directly from leading global manufacturers located across the globe to globally and nationally recogonised and accredited and affiliated bodies.

 Ressourzen welcomes you to the world of CRPA to unleash and experience the power, size & savings of collective buying. CRPA expects around 10000 companies to come together under this unique initiative in next 5 years’ time making it The World’s largest and only one of its kind association of collective buyer of resources in corporate / companies sector.

For more information log on to crpa.co.in we are one of its kind initiatives in the world whose aim is to get end consumers in education sector to come together to BUY together.