Specialised Services
  test preparation & coaching solutions

2’ND Chanze - a Ressourzen subsidiary offers test preparation & coaching for students under going higher secondary education to top score in various board exams so as to get admission in the course of their liking & in colleges & universities of their choice. This coaching is provided by 2’ND Chanze within the school premises

2’ND Chanze also offers test preparation & coaching for students aspiring for admission to various leading Engineering & Medical colleges, Law, CA, ICWA, CS & IAS.

2’ND Chanze provides coaching for students studying for Engineering, Medical, Law, CA, ICWA, CS& various courses under arts, science & commerce stream, mass communication, visual communication, fashion technology etc. for graduate, post graduate & doctoral studies to help them not only to understand the concepts better but also coach them to fare better in these Exams conducted by various universities.

2’ND Chanze also provides project assistance to students at school & college level up to post-doctoral studies for subjects in engineering, medical, science, arts, commerce, mass communication, visual communications, robotics, & any other stream that may be required by the school or college or by the students to complete the subject, semester or course with best grades.

2’ND Chanze also facilitates & provides admission counselling & consultancy for students seeking admission to various colleges & universities in India & overseas for various graduate, post graduate & Post-doctoral programs in the field of engineering, medicine, finance, law, mass communication, entertainment & other fields.

2’ND Chanze provides coaching for students seeking admission to various Jobs in government & public sector conducted by UPSE, SSC, Railways, Defense & other agencies. It also provides coaching to pass IAS, IFS, IPS, CMS, Forest services, CDS, NDA, Bank, Revenue services, Teachers training & other exams that students aspire to pass.

2’ND Chanze also provides various skill based training programs to one & all who may need it so that they too can avail the facilities of the latest technology platform & get trained on various soft skills, personality development programs & also get trained at the finishing schools that will not only enable its students to face the interviews with confidence & get thru with their respective chosen careers with success but also prepare them to face much larger challenges of life successfully.

2’ND Chanze also provides best teachers, its content & technology platform to all the schools, colleges & universities to anchor quality teaching in various fields of study for a revenue share in these institutes, sharing with them its latest cutting edge technology, development & new learning. Not only will the students be coached in their respective chosen stream during the course duration, but final year students will also be provided additional coaching to clear respective competitive exams as well.

2’ND Chanze will also endeavor to train parents, mothers, house wives, men & women on process of bringing up children, understanding child psychology, Montessori training for house wives, women & mothers to become effective teachers & trainers at home

2’ND Chanze conducts test preparation & coaching solutions especially for Senior Secondary Schools, Under graduate & Post graduate colleges & universities at their premises.

  Ressourzen brings to you a premium brand initiative for test preparation & coaching “2’ND Chanze - Test Prep Academy” an academy that offers quality post graduate & post doctorate teachers for schools to help prepare their students for engineering & medical entrance tests along with their respective board exams within their school premises on weekends. Professionally qualified teachers for other professional programmes will also be made available like CA coaching, Law & other professional courses.

  These specialist teachers will have a proven track record of having taught the subject to students & would have helped the students to get thru competitive exams.

  These teachers will be leased to the school & will come in at weekends to deliver lectures & special training/coaching to students at the school premises.

  The school students will not have to go anywhere else & spend huge money on individual training in other institutions thereby saving substantial cost & time.

  The infrastructure & resources will be provided by the school.

  The course will be conducted on a unique revenue share basis with the schools, colleges & universities.

  The objective of this initiative is to provide low cost but top quality coaching by professionally qualified teachers at the school premises itself thereby generating additional revenue for the school & saving cost for students as well.

  This initiative helps the school to have standby quality teachers on their rolls who will help build further on the good work of the regular teachers & keep the legacy of delivering¬† better results year on year continuing in coming years.

All the various products & services, courses & programmes brought to you by Ressourzen under its premium brand initiative 2’ND Chanze - Test Prep Academy will be offered to all educational institutions under a very unique revenue share model . For more details please visit www.2ndchanze.in